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17 Nov Shane’s fight against Melanoma

Next week is going to be a big week on the Mornington Peninsula for Melanoma with not only our Splash of Black Gala Dinner but also an event for local father Shane Raisher. If you are un-able to attend our dinner because you have something on, you could attend Shane’s Fight against Melanoma on the Friday evening.

Here is a little about Shane’s story:

Price for my life: $144,000 per year.

My name is Shane Raisher.  I am a 32yr old husband and father to a 2.5yr old. I have been fighting Melanoma for over 13yrs now. I have been told a few times already that I was going to lose the battle against this disease but I am still fighting strong. I have endured 11 operations, several rounds of Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy and also Immunotherapy. Throughout all of this I have stayed extremely positive and true to my beliefs. I have pushed for 2nd opinions, looked for other surgeons when some said things couldn’t be done and often argued until I was blue in the face.

My full story can be found at

In my current fight against this disease today I am looking to raise $144,000 to purchase Merck’s Anti PD1 treatment which my oncologists believe could save my life. Without this treatment I may only have months to live. I have been denied access to this drug by Merck the pharmaceutical company and I do not fit the criteria of any current Anti PD1 trials.

The only way for me to access this drug is for me to purchase it as Merck have not yet even applied to the PBAC (PBS) for reimbursement, even though people such as Ron Walker have hailed this the Melanoma wonder drug. This drug has recently been approved in Japan and by the FDA in America.

This current fight is not only to raise money to SAVE MY LIFE but also to create awareness and access to this drug for fellow melanoma sufferers.

We wish Shane and his family all the best with his fight against Melanoma and send him strength to continue doing Whatever It Takes.

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